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Your Benefits


As GPA member you can count on top advice in all matters regarding your employment relationship. Our experts provide proficient answers to questions like “Do I get paid correctly?” or “Which collective agreement applies to me?”. We also support you in case of complicated legal issues regarding sickness, accident or pension.


You can count on GPA Union as a strong partner by your side upon legal problems at work. Our experts provide qualified counselling and try to solve problems with your employer. If necessary, our legal experts represent you in court for free.

Legal protection is effective for all disputes which are directly related to your employment and don’t contradict any trade union principles.*

GPA Union wins more than EUR 50 million for its members every year!

*Upon paid membership of at least 6 months.


You have insurance cover up to EUR 100,000, if you negligently cause personal or material damage relating to your employment (except for damages to your employer).*

*Upon paid membership of at least 6 months.


You have insurance cover up to EUR 20,000, if you claim compensation for a damage suffered in pursuance of your professional activity.


Many employees are affected negatively by economic changes. The trade union also supports its members in emergency situations.

Upon submitting a confirmation of the Public Employment Service (AMS), you receive up to EUR 200 in addition to the statutory unemployment benefit. After a membership period of 2 years, you receive the unemployment support for 3 months; after a membership period of 3 years for 6 months.

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What happens when there is a strike in the company? Strike means not to work, even though one is at work. Strike is part of a struggle for better wages/salaries or working conditions. The precondition for industrial action is a decision to strike by the company's workforce. The decision to strike is taken at the company meeting.  Cooperation with the trade union in this process is very important. After the workforce has decided to strike, an application for strike clearance is made to the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions’ (ÖGB) executive board. 

In the event of a strike, the employer may withhold remuneration (salary/wages) for the period of the strike.  This is because workers who go on strike and do not make their work available to the employer have no right to be paid for these hours.

That is why the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) helps with a strike subsidy: The subsidy is paid to members who take part in a strike recognised by the competent trade union bodies and suffer a loss of income.