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Fairness is first priority in GPA Union. Therefore, the individual membership fee depends on the income of our members. You get union protection for only 1% of your gross income.


Example: If you earn EUR 1,672.45 gross, your monthly membership fee amounts to EUR 16.72.

The membership fee is fully deductible from your wage tax. Therefore, you pay less taxes (see table “wage tax advantage”). If the membership fee is directly deducted from the salary/wage (deduction from salary/wage by the employer), the tax reduction is already considered at payroll accounting.

Overtime (also lump sums), vacation and Christmas bonuses, personal allowances, redundancy payments and similar payments.

Atypical employees (free journalists with press card, freelancers, crowd workers, trade licence holders without employees) pay 1 % of their gross income and a minimum membership fee of EUR 10.


If the monthly income varies, the contract period – and in cases of longer contracts the last 6 months – serve as the basis for the calculation of a monthly average membership fee.

Salary/wage/apprenticeship compensation, dirty-work and danger bonuses, severity allowances, commissions and bonuses, termination and vacation compensations, reduced salary/wage upon part-time parental leave, partial pension.

After a paid duration of membership of at least 6 months, these periods are credited as membership periods: statutory maternity protection, parental leave for the period stipulated by law or works agreement, military or civilian service, development assistance, educational leave, full-time family hospice leave, unpaid sick leave.

  • Unemployed members, secondary membership (primary membership with another trade union), unpaid leave and early maternity protection
  • Marginally employed employees (salary below the marginal employment threshold)
  • Military conscripts, civilian servants, childcare beneficiaries without prior membership
  • Retired journalists with press card

  • School and university students*
  • Extraordinary membership
  • Retired employees*


*Exceptions apply for the legal representation in court, see